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Keji B

..or Kejimkujik Backcountry…or Boot Test #1…or Park Pass #1…or Today’s Costume: Intrepid Hiker The stars are beginning to align. Earlier this winter I received my Canada 150 National Park pass in the mail and not so long ago I got my new deeply discounted Keen Logan (black and periwinkle) hiking boots via eBay. Last Sunday the […]

Post Halloween Debriefing

….or You Do the Math. Well, it’s all over now but the dieting. 35 bags of Sun Chips. 30 Coffin Crisp bars. 25 kids. You do the math. How many belt notches equals one size increment? Why was I craving Count Chocula this morning? Why can’t it be  Trick or Treat or Trade as in “I will […]

Today’s Costume: Inventor.

….or What to Do with Your Old Socks. Heat, humidity, hormones. A bad mix. If my wrists aren’t slipping and sliding around the edge of my laptop they are sticking to it. In desperation I came up with my latest invention. Slidy sleeves. I would have knit some but, like I said, heat, humidity and […]

Today’s Costume: Glazier

…..or You Can’t Have Too Many Hobbies. For Christmas I received vouchers for two stained glass classes at GlassWerx, which is just a ten minute ride up the road. I didn’t run the risk of leaving town before I got to use them and now I’m hooked. So much fun. Here are some pictures of the […]

The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #4

…..or The Boxing Day Blues. I am still not sure what happened. Maybe it was the glaring “3D Effect” puzzle pieces or perhaps the more than generous helpings of left-overs. The chocolate maybe? I should have known things were going awry when I saw the devil in my cinnamon bun. More likely it was heat exhaustion […]

The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #2

…..or Why is There No Longer a Tabi Store? Hmmm, now what do I recall about the 90’s? My wardrobe was entirely purchased at Northern Reflections, my socks all matched my shirts and I got my waist-length hair cut short. Seems to me “cottage” décor was the thing and people were starting to get into minty […]

The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #1

…..or Tacky Christmas Sweater circa 1988 You remember the late 1980’s don’t you? Over-sized sweaters with super long sleeves or a huge t-shirt with leggings, a French braid tight  enough to give you an instant face-lift tied off with a coordinating scrunchy? It was only cool to have one strap of your over-alls over a shoulder […]

Today’s Costume; Intrepid Explorer.

Or a leisurely Sunday paddle on the Mersey. For some time I have been keen to carry the kayak down to town and paddle back with the tide. I was a little late getting underway so I caught the tale end of the incoming tide; it helped counteract the current and made for nice paddling until I got […]

Welfarewell Act II

                  Photographs by Lance Benson

Welfarewell Act 1

The first act, or at least some of it, in pictures:               Oh my, isn’t she pretty? NOT!! Penny I mean, of course. Val is quite lovely. Sorry there were no pictures of the cat or the producer or the landlord – I am very grateful that we got […]