The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #2

…..or Why is There No Longer a Tabi Store?

IMG_7088Hmmm, now what do I recall about the 90’s? My wardrobe was entirely purchased at Northern Reflections, my socks all matched my shirts and I got my waist-length hair cut short. Seems to me “cottage” décor was the thing and people were starting to get into minty coloured carpet and pale grey. Curtains were getting fancier and people were nuts over watercolour pictures of pale pink, blue and grey. Christmas sweaters were really the thing now.

IMG_7095By now manufacturers had figured out how to make fancy on the cheap using appliqué. Today’s selection is also made of ramie and cotton but of much inferior quality than that of sweater #1. The embroidery is all machine done; only hand-work is in the beading and the beads are all plastic. I would go on but it’s Florida and 80 degrees outside and I am well over 50 and wearing a black sweater. Quick, a pic, so I can get out of this rig – it is heavy when it is wet with sweat. Which makes me wonder, how did all those middle-aged women who purchased these manage to survive the heat and close quarters of the Christmas house party wearing a button up sweater?

Today’s sample, by the way, is selling for $19.99 on eBay.

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