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New Glass

…or Longing for the Peace of Granny’s Kitchen.   We didn’t spend a ton of time at my Grandmother’s house when she was still there because it required a boat and cooperative weather, but what time we did spend there is remembered as the best days of my life. That’s a big statement, I know. […]

Great Expectations

…..or What It’s Like to Be Me. The writing prompt from The Writer’s Book of Days was “Write about the expectation of something.” Here’s where I went with it – it becomes a Christmas story if you can hang in there long enough (it gets off to a bit of a slow start): Regarding the […]

Sad Day

It was with great apprehension that I drove over to Port Mouton to visit my friend Deb shortly after I received the news that she had a terminal illness. I had expected to find a depressed, possibly bitter woman who was angry at the world. Ha. Not Deb. There she sat in her lawn chair […]

Today’s Costume: Writer

…or What Does a Writer Wear Anyway? Anything she wants I suppose. In an attempt to improve my writing I recently purchased “A Writer’s Book of Days” by Judy Reeves. It has a writing prompt for each day of the year. Today’s prompt was : “write about a long bus ride.” So I wrote about what […]

September Tickle Trunk Questionnaire

…or How Well Do You Know Yourself? I could tell you all kinds of stuff about my big brother, Peter – how he can figure out a way to do anything, how he loves bright colours, especially orange, how he is a natural sailor, how his life is filled with kismet – but all I will […]

April Tickle Trunk Questionnaire

…..or How Well Do You Know Yourself? Mrs. Warr was my high school English teacher and today I would like you to get to know her through the Tickle Trunk Questionnaire. I had many memorable teachers over the years, right up through high school, university and into post grad but Mrs. Warr is probably the only one […]


….or why it is taking so darned long to complete these renovations. The clouds glide across the sky towards me, creating bands of blue on the salt water, the colours of different shades of iceberg, – a Northern Neapolitan confection of a reflection with a bright orange buoy standing in for the cherry on top. […]


….Not the Musical. Yesterday, on my way out of the supermarket, I was standing by the notice pillar reading the ads for country music jam sessions, Mother’s Day lobster dinner take-out, and hand written notes with little tear off tabs advertising housekeeping services, when I was surprised by a little hesitant tap on my arm. I turned to see […]

The Store Loft

Have I mentioned before how long it takes me to get around to things these days? I finally got my winter studio up and running and it is what, March? I’ll just have things rolling along nicely and it will be time to move it all back out to the barn loft. Sigh. I have a […]


…or Milton Lost and Found…..or a very long Blog entry about not much at all. Our house has gremlins. In a very bad way. Not mean horrible troll like gremlins like you would find in an old English illustration meant to scare children into having good manners, not the ridiculous fuzzy stuffed toy merchandise Gremlins from […]