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Fisherman’s Brewis

Today I had the nerve to fool with a Newfoundland favourite: fisherman’s brewis (pronounced bruise). Not to be confused with fish and brewis. Fisherman’s brewis is traditionally fish and brewis mashed up together and smothered with scrunchions. More on those in a second. This is the fish: Sorry, I forgot to snap a picture before […]

The Great Vienna Sausage Taste Test

….or What Won’t Kill Will Fatten. A can of Vienna sausages is one of those comfort food items that you neither love nor hate but with which you have a strong nostalgic association. It reminds me of childhood outings where I was allowed to eat something right out of a can while standing up. When […]

Happy Easter

Easter is so much easier than Christmas, don’t you think? A few eggs, church for those so inclined, four days off if you are civil service, and it always lands on a weekend. The only hard part is figuring out the date it is going to arrive. And just one big meal to cook. Did […]

Self Isolation Day 2

…..or News From Camp-Covid Day one of self isolation wasn’t worth writing about. It entailed a lot of sleep and unpacking and then some more sleep. By day two I had partially regained some of my mojo and so reorganized the kitchen cupboards to accommodate the hunker-down stores I brought back from Florida. Thankfully Vienna […]

Turkey Day part 1

…….won’t you please join us for 2nd Thanksgiving. 1st Thanksgiving being Canadian Thanksgiving which we celebrated with family and friends back in October. I know, it’s a little late to join us now – the turkey is reduced to sliced meat and broth but maybe next year. Here’s how we do the Tickle Trunk thanksgiving […]

Cuisinart Craziness

……or Then There Were Three And what is the most important meal of the day? COFFEE of course. I loves my coffee – it is a big part of my life. Preferably made strong and dark from freshly ground beans and topped off with a bit of milk. I’m not fit to live with without […]

And The Winner

..of the Great Root Beer Taste Test is… Not this one:   This one was ‘butterscotch’ root beer. It tasted just like it sounds; sickly. Dang it, that root beer was almost nasty. These are the varieties I sampled; all new to me: Fitz’s and Faygo were both extremely pleasing, Stewart’s was pleasant enough and […]

What Are Ya At Now* 2

……or W’as Goin’ On Now? #2 To which I reply “Same ole t’ing, maid, same ole t’ing. Makin’ stuff and den eatin’ some of it. Eatin’ a lot of it, to be shore.” Like these Coconut Milk Sweet buns I made yesterday in my thrift store breadmaker using my thrift store breadmaker cookbook.  Big buns. […]

What Are Ya At Now?*

…..or Anyt’ing Goin’ on, or What? So what am I at? Depends on when you ask. If I started listing it could seem like I am doing a lot but if you were to poke your head in the front door, chances are you would find me playing Scrabble on my phone. By the way, […]


…..or This is Not a Blog About Camping I’m camping at Keji where the internet is unreliable so I will keep this post brief. I wanted some snacks to have with my tea. I don’t know why because I rarely drink tea, even when I am camping. I chose to make raisin buns, the traditional […]