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New Work

…or Painter Barbie Presents the latest J. Parsons canvas. I say canvas but it is actually paper and conté crayon (a type of compressed chalk in a small squared stick). It started out as a rough sketch in preparation for an acrylic but once I got going with that pleather jacket I couldn’t stop. The […]

Today’s Costume: Artist

…..or The things I have Managed to Finish This Summer   This past spring my brother gave me some beach glass and pottery shards he’d picked up at Burnt Harbour, Long Island. No not that Long Island, the one where my parents grew up, in Newfoundland. For fun, I studied each fragment and tried to imagine the […]

New Glass

…or Longing for the Peace of Granny’s Kitchen.   We didn’t spend a ton of time at my Grandmother’s house when she was still there because it required a boat and cooperative weather, but what time we did spend there is remembered as the best days of my life. That’s a big statement, I know. […]

New Glass

…..or Jams and Jellies Forever. I haven’t been totally idle. I got myself in a good stock of glass last year and it inspired some new work for my small kitchen windows in Milton.           © Judy Parsons 2017 email comments to Sign up on the upper right hand side […]

Art Deco East.

….East Meets West Art Deco Style. On our drive South I had one full day in the DC area so there was little time to visit the large galleries. Browsing online, I found a smaller exhibit that caught my eye: Deco Japan. It was at Hillwood mansion, which also looked interesting, so we drove out […]

The Berry Pickers

…….or New Work by JG Parsons. I needed a birthday gift for my Mother. What do you give an octogenarian who just downsized? Some good memories, I hope.       The painting is called “I Vow to Pick Them All”. Mom said she liked it. I was relieved. © Judy Parsons 2016 Click on any picture […]

Old Friends

…and a Couple of New Ones. I am back in Milton and on the way I had the opportunity to stop in at the National Gallery of Art in DC. There are several pieces I visit every time I go:       And I found myself some new favourites:   I loved the shadows cast by […]

What’s New

…..or I’m going to build me a glass house and then go buy a bag of rocks. But first I have to show you this: My sister says that a double yolk foretells a pregnancy. Does this mean I’m having twins or quintuplets? Shiver me timbers!! Speaking of “shiver me timbers”, I came across a […]

Today’s Costume: Glazier

…..or You Can’t Have Too Many Hobbies. For Christmas I received vouchers for two stained glass classes at GlassWerx, which is just a ten minute ride up the road. I didn’t run the risk of leaving town before I got to use them and now I’m hooked. So much fun. Here are some pictures of the […]

Travel-Blog #25

…or a visit with the work of the old masters. I tend, when viewing art at the National Gallery in DC, to spend a short time with the painting then take a picture of it and the title so that I can look it up again and spend more time with it when I get home. Like […]