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Winter Wonderland

Yesterday it snowed. All day. When I looked at the pics I took while shoveling I thought I had mistakenly filtered them to black and white! Or maybe more like grey and white because it was cloudy. Had the sun come out it would have been overwhelmingly bright. © Judy Parsons

Late Bloomers

The days may be getting shorter, the nights cooler, and there’s more than just a tinge of colour in the foliage but you can still find a few late bloomers in the garden. There is one lone gladiolus remaining and a smattering of brown eyed Susans but the it’s the dahlias that rule the flower-beds […]

At Home – Flora

….or Everything’s Coming Up Roses I wish my camera had a feature whereby I could capture scent as well as image because I’d really like to share the smell of these old fashioned roses. It is by far my favourite floral fragrance. The bees seem to love them as much as I do. Old fashioned […]

Backyard Critters

….or Doo Doo Doo Lookin’ Out My Back Door. That’s an exaggeration of course; no elephants or tangerines in our backyard. Or was it tambourines? (Is this a mondegreen;  a case of misunderstood song lyrics?)  Here are two of the most recent visitors to our back yard.   He/she’s been by to see us twice […]

Blossoms That Queue

….or Getting Your Blooms in a Row As I reviewed the photos I took of our spring garden yesterday morning, I began to notice a pattern. There seems to be several plants in bloom with flowers that line up like shoppers in a queue, or clothes hanging on a line. There’s not much I like better than […]

Keji A

…or Kejimkujik Adjunct…or Boot Test #2…or Park Pass #2…or Today’s Costume: Even More Intrepid Hiker Actually Park Pass #2 is a bit of a misnomer as no pass is required to visit Kejimkujik Seaside Adjunct. It is more than an hour’s drive from the main park and it is for day use only. Beware, the […]


….or Time to Fatten Up For Winter. Fall sneaks up on us in a subtle way. It is not just the colour changes that gives it away. One day you notice that you are wearing long sleeves, you drive with the car windows all closed, and you think you overslept because it is dark when you […]

What’s New in Milton

……and Things I have Come to Take for Granted. Spring has come and gone and we are settled into our summer home in Milton. There are always a few new things to marvel at around the neighbourhood, like this new concrete sculpture at Cosby’s Garden Centre and a brand new bridge across the Mersey (more on […]


……or So Nice to be Back in Milton. Things are sprouting and bursting into bloom here in Nova Scotia. Here is a small sample:   So nice to the see the landscape coming back to life. The studio is up and running and there’s a canvas on the easel but first I have to make […]

Paddling the Chaz

……The Chassahowitzka River that is. Yesterday we went for the first paddle of our Florida stay. Here is part of the day in pictures. Lance has a new little tub toy. We like it because we can put it right in the back of the SUV and not have to worry about lines and such. […]