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Strawberry Season?

……or fact: Maintaining an appropriate seasonality is a basic ecological requirement for all organisms (Powell/Logan 2005).   I smelled them before I saw them while heading for the bin of oranges at the market stand a couple of days ago. The aroma of fresh strawberries smacked my limbic system to attention and like a setter sensing […]


Writing exercise #7, Sunday January 20, 2013: Grey Day It is a winter Sunday and with chin on hand I stare at chilled grey seawater through a scrim of melting snow which drips steadily off the grey roof tiles into a thin scraggly snow trench. A grey car drives past on wet grey pavement fringed by winter weary snow under a pewter […]

Engagement Ring Bling #9

or If I Don’t Get Married Soon I’m Going to Blow a Fuse   This week’s ring is a shade less glamorous than my original doorknob style. A little more utilitarian if you will. No cheap diamond for me. No cubic zircon, no siree! This week’s ring is 100% Pyrex, American made, patent number 1930. […]

Engagement Ring Bling #2

I randomly selected ring number two from the brown bag that came all the way from China. For the second day in a row I dressed to match it – tomorrow will be an issue as I have nothing else to match topaz (or Bridal Blue as Xang.Xang descibed it). Topaz is not my favourite […]

Almost Spring

     On Monday in Halifax I finally noticed the first  sign of spring, albeit not one of the more pleasant ones. The cityscape was as drear as Dickension London – drab grey sky and tree-line. The remains of snowbanks along the edge of the curbs were undermined and shrinking and were the colour of those little piles of dust and dirt that […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

        For Lance On days I fear the threads which binds our souls Cannot the rage of winter winds withstand, I conjure up your face, and sit and spin A few more threads and twist them with my hand. When span of granite shore to red clay soil Pulls taut and pains […]