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….or We Spread Our Tiny Wings and Flew How, you might ask, did we know it was time to head north? Well the signs were all there: the lavender was harvested, It was exceptionally dry and the trails were too sandy to be fun for biking any more. Danged sand got in and on everything. […]

Today’s Costume: Biker

…..NO, no, not that kind of biker!  Bicycler. Our area of Florida has some real nice biking trails; paved, no hills to speak of, not overly crowded. But my favourite trail is an unpaved seven mile loop through Crystal River State Park. I always see critters there – wild turkeys, wild hog, armadillos, raccoons. Thankfully […]

Archaeological State Park Part II

…….Oh The Drama   A while back we drove up to look at the Mullet Hole as a possible place to put the kayak in for an afternoon paddle and later I saw that there was a 1. 7 mile bike trail (that’s 2.7 km) starting there and running out to the Crystal River estuary. […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Click on picture for a larger view. © Judy Parsons 2016

Birds of the Chaz

…..or Birds of Many Feathers. As promised here is a selection of birds we saw on our recent paddling excursion on the Chassahowitzka River on the Florida Gulf Coast. These are the bigger guys; there were thousands of songbirds in the neighbourhood but they were well camouflaged, very busy flitting about, and not as visible while […]

Paddling the Chaz

……The Chassahowitzka River that is. Yesterday we went for the first paddle of our Florida stay. Here is part of the day in pictures. Lance has a new little tub toy. We like it because we can put it right in the back of the SUV and not have to worry about lines and such. […]

Foraging Further Afield

…in which I go into the woods. So, having been unable to find greenbrier in sufficient quantities in my own backyard, I decided to head across the road to see if I could find a large enough root to make beer. Back at my other home I would have just slipped on a pair of sneakers and […]

Mixed Message

….or Road Rage of Another Kind. While I was out biking last week I saw this large message painted on the pavement on the side of the road : I believed it to be the incensed message of a cuckolded husband trying to warn his kin and kind of the treachery of ‘wemen’. He might have had […]

The Florida Pages #4

…or Our Last Day in Our Winter Retreat I am way behind in my Blog. My goal is to catch up over the next couple of weeks. Here is an album from our last day in Florida:                           So no more Florida tales […]

The Florida Pages #3

…or Will it Be Gone When I Get Back? It’s pretty nice here this morning. Temperature in the mid eighties, no wind, birds chortling in the trees. It’s going to be hard to leave all this behind but I have a couple of boats in Nova Scotia wondering where I’ve gone. They will be good […]