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A Visitor

….or Gopherus Polyphemus returns. Yep, he’s back.  Or, to be more accurate, still here. I’m the one who is back. At least I think he is a he if my internet-based analysis is correct. He’s pretty old too given his size and the state of his carapace. Aw shucks, I’m just showing off now – […]


….or We Spread Our Tiny Wings and Flew How, you might ask, did we know it was time to head north? Well the signs were all there: the lavender was harvested, It was exceptionally dry and the trails were too sandy to be fun for biking any more. Danged sand got in and on everything. […]

Today’s Costume: Biker

…..NO, no, not that kind of biker!  Bicycler. Our area of Florida has some real nice biking trails; paved, no hills to speak of, not overly crowded. But my favourite trail is an unpaved seven mile loop through Crystal River State Park. I always see critters there – wild turkeys, wild hog, armadillos, raccoons. Thankfully […]

Archaeological State Park Part II

…….Oh The Drama   A while back we drove up to look at the Mullet Hole as a possible place to put the kayak in for an afternoon paddle and later I saw that there was a 1. 7 mile bike trail (that’s 2.7 km) starting there and running out to the Crystal River estuary. […]

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

Click on picture for a larger view. © Judy Parsons 2016

Birds of the Chaz

…..or Birds of Many Feathers. As promised here is a selection of birds we saw on our recent paddling excursion on the Chassahowitzka River on the Florida Gulf Coast. These are the bigger guys; there were thousands of songbirds in the neighbourhood but they were well camouflaged, very busy flitting about, and not as visible while […]

Paddling the Chaz

……The Chassahowitzka River that is. Yesterday we went for the first paddle of our Florida stay. Here is part of the day in pictures. Lance has a new little tub toy. We like it because we can put it right in the back of the SUV and not have to worry about lines and such. […]

Foraging Further Afield

…in which I go into the woods. So, having been unable to find greenbrier in sufficient quantities in my own backyard, I decided to head across the road to see if I could find a large enough root to make beer. Back at my other home I would have just slipped on a pair of sneakers and […]

Mixed Message

….or Road Rage of Another Kind. While I was out biking last week I saw this large message painted on the pavement on the side of the road : I believed it to be the incensed message of a cuckolded husband trying to warn his kin and kind of the treachery of ‘wemen’. He might have had […]

The Florida Pages #4

…or Our Last Day in Our Winter Retreat I am way behind in my Blog. My goal is to catch up over the next couple of weeks. Here is an album from our last day in Florida:                           So no more Florida tales […]