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A Late Summer Adventure Part 2

or It’s All Uphill From Here. Twas brillig and the slithy toves…..naw, twas just sunny and warm with a few clouds when I woke up at Grandpa’s old stage. A perfect day for a hike so I donned my ‘adventurer’ costume and headed out with my brother for Beaumont North and the Beothuk Trail. (I’m […]

A Late Summer Adventure part 1

…or What I Did On My Late Summer Vacation, Part One. At the end of August I loaded up my little car with camping gear and took the ferry to Newfoundland. The original plan had been to get dropped on some remote island in Hall’s Bay and meditate on life but once I connected with […]

Not Since Moses 2022

In which I outrun the tides. Well, some would call it running. Look Mom, I got the medal. Yes, yes, so did everyone else who ran the Not Since Moses 5 and 10 Km races at Five Islands this past weekend. This was my fourth time running it and yes, it was still fun though […]

Way Down Yonder

or Three Lessons I Learned While Biking. The adventure began at one of my favourite places to ride: the seven mile loop at Crystal River Preserve State Park. It was a rough go. We had had thunderstorms recently and there was a lot of water on the trail. Therein lay my first lesson: NEVER PEDDLE […]

Destination Lockeport

Lockeport, Nova Scotia, that is. It’s on the south shore between Liverpool and Yarmouth, about twenty minutes off the highway. You’ll know you are there when you see and Don’t be fooled by the unpretentious exterior, you can buy anything in this general store from a lottery ticket to an egg sandwich, from a lag […]

Taking Flight

… ..or ♪ It’s a Long Way to River Mersey ♫ They were testing positive just down the road in Tampa when we hunkered down to wait it out until the end of May, best case scenario, and worse case the end of June. After two weeks of self-imposed isolation our plan was looking a […]

Facing Fears

….in which I go into the not-so-deep, not-so-dark woods. Today’s costume: boater. It seemed like a marvelous idea when I chose my Keji (pronounced ked’-gee) campsite way back when I was avoiding Canadian winter. Kejimkujik is one of two National Parks in Nova Scotia and sites get booked up quickly. I picked mid-June because I […]

Keji Adventure 2018

…..or Into the Woods.   I was overdue for another backwoods adventure. Kejimkujik National Park always fits the bill. By the time my daughter and her friend and I came up with a mutually agreeable date all of my favourite campsites were booked. We would go for two nights. I chose site 44 for the […]

Hiking Gear Review

…..or Backpacker Barbie says: “If you have any doubts about any of your gear, don’t take it.” You’ll wish you’d heeded her later when your bootlaces are snapped and your flapping hikers, tied up with strands of sweet grass, are flopping on and off your feet trying to peel the skin off your goose egg […]

Today’s Costume: Backpacker

…or Getting Right Back on That Horse After my Cape Chignecto hiking debacle I was feeling a little less than competent. I asked myself “What was the real cause of my failure? Was it lack of aerobic training or muscle strength, the heat of the day, or, heaven forbid, a cardiac issue?” There was only […]