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Pantry Project

In which I present my completed pandemic pantry. Today’s costume: amateur carpenter. I actually completed this project a few days after I first wrote about it but am only just getting around to posting it. The pantry work was being done back while we were still self-isolating so the goal was not to purchase anything […]

Happy Easter

Easter is so much easier than Christmas, don’t you think? A few eggs, church for those so inclined, four days off if you are civil service, and it always lands on a weekend. The only hard part is figuring out the date it is going to arrive. And just one big meal to cook. Did […]

Mask of the Day

On looking at a picture of my first homemade mask I got to thinking it looked like a big beak. And so inspired I created a new style: Wonder what I can try next. Seagull? Sock monkey. © Judy Parsons 2020

What Am I At Now?

…..Making Masks and Pandemic Projects. I needed a mask so I made one. I made it drab so as not to draw too much attention. It coordinates well with mechanics coveralls or Sashiko jackets. Turns out these masks work extremely well as reusable dust masks if you line them with a piece of blue shop […]

Self Isolation, All Done

….or All Dressed Up and No Place To Go The fourteen days went pretty fast and we didn’t suffer for having had to stay at home. Anyhow, the premier just told us “Stay the blazes home.” so mostly we will continue to do so. But if we’re going to be hanging out here for the […]

Self Isolation, Last Day

….or And Then What? Lance just pointed out that it is actually 24 hours since we crossed the border so in theory we have been in the country without community contact for fourteen days and therefore are technically done our quarantine. So I suppose I could run out the front door screaming for all to […]

Self Isolation, Day WHAT-EVerrrrr

…or Over the Hump I have four more days of self isolation but I’m not itching to get out. The more I read online, the more I think it is best just to stay put until boating season. (Just watch me change that tune real quick when Saturday comes and I spy the key to […]

Self Isolation Day 5

…or Loose Ends Please note the time lag. It is now taking me three days to get around to doing anything. This is what I should be doing but am not: 1. Darning in the loose ends on all the mittens I knit this winter. 2. Finishing the hand quilting on the 52 weeks/52 blocks […]

Self Isolation Day 4

….or And Then It Snowed. Sure makes it a lot easier to self isolate when there is snow on the ground. In Newfoundland they call a late spring snow, one around Paddy’s day, Sheila’s Brush. Wait, is it spring yet? What month is it anyway? IT’S ONLY MARCH! Have we had Easter yet? Did I […]

Self Isolation Day 3

….or Nothing to See Here By day three we were rested and caught up on caffeine and puttering about the house organizing things. We’d had eggs delivered and, many thanks to Gail, lacked for nothing. But after reading the news I got to worrying about the virus again and wished for a roll of caution […]