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Winter Wonderland

Yesterday it snowed. All day. When I looked at the pics I took while shoveling I thought I had mistakenly filtered them to black and white! Or maybe more like grey and white because it was cloudy. Had the sun come out it would have been overwhelmingly bright. © Judy Parsons

Concrete Sculpture Day 7

The final day. Thank heavens. My hands are sore, my back is stiff and I’m ready to move on. But that said, it was worth every second. My husband often says that the biggest compliment I ever allow myself is “I’m not dissatisfied.” Today I told Ivan, our teacher (I took to calling him sensei […]

Concrete Sculpture Day 6

Yes, we’ve officially gone into overtime so I hope you are not tired of looking at mermaid pictures yet. Here she is in her current state. I’m not the only one unfinished; two other participants will be joining me. I’ve left the hardest until last so tomorrow will be a stressful day and hopefully the […]

Concrete Sculpture Day 5

This was supposed to be the last day of the workshop but there is still much to do so several of us have chosen to have an extension. There’s no point in rushing through at this stage of the game. Progress has been made. She’s becoming quite the lass. © Judy Parsons 2021

Concrete Sculpture Day 4

And so she starts to take shape. She is obviously from the land of very large starfish. Today was spent building up the form with one walnut sized chunk of concrete at a time. There are other very large things to follow, wink, wink. I had hoped to complete the torso area today, it being […]

Concrete Sculpture Day 3

Progress has been made but things are going to get ugly for a while. I have an icky gooey mess right now but it will be set up and solid by tomorrow and then the real detailing can begin. No, don’t worry, that’s not the final size of her head! I’m suspecting she’ll be short […]

Concrete Sculpture Day 2

Well, on first glance it doesn’t look much like the better part of a day’s work, but there is much fussing and tinkering and adjusting going on. Today I reinforced the bendier bits and across the shoulders and arms and into the hands. A long length of rebar was placed and fastened in the middle […]

Concrete Sculpture Day 1

Every winter Ivan Higgins of Cosby’s Garden Centre/Concrete Creations empties out a greenhouse and hosts a concrete sculpture workshop. This year the group was markedly reduced due to Covid restrictions and I was happy score a place. The first day was spent cutting wire mesh pieces, shaping them, and binding them together with plastic zip […]

Monkeying Around

…..or What’s More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys? Gambling, that’s what. While Ken was off taking care of business, there was plenty of monkey business going on back at the lean-to. They were betting big bananas on the fights: Yes, indeedy, it was a real zoo. Ken is going to have a real monkey […]

Christmas 2020/21 – Day 12

On the twelfth day of Christmas…. ….my true love gave to me… …twelve bags of storm chips. Haven’t heard of storm chips? Well, in the advent of a storm here in the maritimes, the busiest aisle in the supermarket is the chip aisle. A CBC host, in the act of storm-prepping, once tweeted “Success!#stormchips”and it […]