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Keji Adventure 2018

…..or Into the Woods.   I was overdue for another backwoods adventure. Kejimkujik National Park always fits the bill. By the time my daughter and her friend and I came up with a mutually agreeable date all of my favourite campsites were booked. We would go for two nights. I chose site 44 for the […]

The Great Migration 2

Lancelot and Judith finally reach Nova Scotia.  Judith: It’s so cold. Lancelot: That’s the polar vortex dear. It should warm up soon. Judith: I sure hope so or I’m going to find somewhere with a tropical vortex. Judith: Does shivering count as exercise? Are you sure this isn’t Iceland? Lancelot: Well, this map is about […]

The Great Migration

…Spread Your Tiny Wings and Fly, Little Snowbirds. On the Road to Canada Judith: I told you we should have stopped for directions, dear. Now we’re totally lost. Lancelot: Well I marked the map to Lunenburg. Judith: Dear, that’s Lunenburg Massachusetts, you’ve got marked there, not Lunenburg Nova Scotia. Judith: Well, we might as well […]

Easter Down South 3

…..or Happy Easter Down at Florida Seaside Villa Randolf: This is the best Easter ever. Want to trade this big blue egg for ten of your little ones? Kendra: Hmmm, maybe you shouldn’t have eaten all yours before breakfast. Randolf: Aw come on. Fifteen then? Kendra: No less than twenty. Randolf: Deal. Kendra: Golly, I […]

Easter Down South 2

….or Company in the House Down at Florida Seaside Villa Samuel: Wherever did you find that Dad? Lancelot: Designed it and built it myself. Takes a little while for the colours to wear off after Easter but we love the rainbow scrambled eggs. Best stay outside the fence now, the girls can get a little aggressive […]

Easter down South 1

…..or Company’s A’Comin’ Down at Florida’s Seaside Villa: Judith: Honey, can you come give me a hand to put the leaf in the table. Tamara called and said they’re bringing the kids over for Easter. Lancelot: In a second dear, gotta check on the chickens. Lancelot: Oh my little pretties, save your appetites. Have I […]

What are Ya At Now* 3

…..or Still Makin’ Stuff Last year I posted pictures of two stained glass panels I did. They were of two corners of my Grandmother’s kitchen; a place very near and dear to my heart (oh dear, that’s so cliché); a place where I never felt anything but loved. This winter I completed the other two […]

What Are Ya At Now?*

…..or Anyt’ing Goin’ on, or What? So what am I at? Depends on when you ask. If I started listing it could seem like I am doing a lot but if you were to poke your head in the front door, chances are you would find me playing Scrabble on my phone. By the way, […]


…..or Siiiiigh (which is a prolonged sigh) I have on my kitchen wall a small decorative light to remind me of where I am from. After the shenannigans of the American president started to become more and more outrageous I decided that every time Donald Duck did or said something heinous, or ignoble or outrageous, […]

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

…My True Love Gave to Me…. Down at Florida Seaside Villa Lancelot: Come on down honey, I got just the thing for your headache. (Heh, heh, this twelve pack ‘ll fix her right up.) Judith: Is it individually packaged? Expired? From the flea market? Made in a third world country by child labourers? Lancelot: Yes, […]