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Fisherman’s Brewis

Today I had the nerve to fool with a Newfoundland favourite: fisherman’s brewis (pronounced bruise). Not to be confused with fish and brewis. Fisherman’s brewis is traditionally fish and brewis mashed up together and smothered with scrunchions. More on those in a second. This is the fish: Sorry, I forgot to snap a picture before […]

Sad Easter Sunday

We are heart-broken this morning by the passing of Lance’s brother Bill.  If there’s a heaven for Bill it has venison cooked to just south of rare, bacon jam, good wine served in proper glasses, and a continuous loop of Buddy Guy playing the blues.  Once met, never forgotten……rest in peace, our gentle giant. Easter […]

Easter Decor

It’s Easter weekend and all manner of weird and wonderful Easter decorations are on full display at the thrift stores. These two leave me with a few unanswered questions. Why is there a teddy bear in this slice of cake? 2. Was it baked in there or inserted later? 3. How can it possibly be […]

Ken and Sven at Riverbend 7

In which we learn that Sven was born on a raft and Ken has a soft spot for cats. I think they are both guilty as charged, don’t you? © Judy Parsons 2022

Ken and Sven at Riverbend 6

Sven had already decided to keep his new shoes when he made a pleasant discovery: Ken is even wishing for a little more Velcro just to keep up. © Judy Parsons 2022

Ken and Sven at Riverbend 5

Spring is here and Sven is updating his wardrobe. He purchased a new pair of shoes online. Should he keep them? If I were Sven I’d send them back and get them in different colour. © Judy Parsons 2022

Ken and Sven at Riverbend 4

Or the continuing saga of Sven’s search for a clock for the boatbuilding workshop. Babs continues to transport Sven back and forth to the thrift stores so that he can complete Ken’s shopping list. Ken is pretty sure he has everything he needs to start building his boat. Better check that list twice, Ken, while […]

Pancake Day 2022

It’s pancake day down at Riverbend and Ken and Sven can’t agree on whether you should cook all of the pancakes then sit to eat, or eat them as they come out of the pan. I’d have to go with waiting so you can get into the art of pancake toppings but if you are […]

Ken and Sven at Riverbend 2

The boathouse chronicles continue. Sven is still working on Ken’s extensive shopping list. You might want to get working on that list yourself Ken if you want to get your boat started. Sven is secretly excited to have another chance to go shopping. © Judy Parsons 2022

Ken and Sven at Riverbend

In which Ken builds a He-Shed. If there’s one thing that I have learned from Ken, if you are budgeting to build a boat you need to add way more than the cost of the boat kit. There will be new tools required, no matter how many you already have, and a space to build […]