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Happy Boxing Day 2016

….or T’was The Day After Christmas Well it’s Boxing Day folks, and what do we do on Boxing Day? Play with our boxes of course!! For many years now I have relaxed on Boxing Day by doing a jigsaw puzzle. This year, so as not to inconvenience us by taking over the table, I built […]

The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #4

…..or The Boxing Day Blues. I am still not sure what happened. Maybe it was the glaring “3D Effect” puzzle pieces or perhaps the more than generous helpings of left-overs. The chocolate maybe? I should have known things were going awry when I saw the devil in my cinnamon bun. More likely it was heat exhaustion […]

T’was the Day After Christmas

……..or Watch Out B’ys, She’s Gonna Blow. It’s Boxing Day. No need to wish anyone a ‘happy’ or ‘merry’ boxing day, it just is, that’s all. I like to think that it is the day that Christmas goes back in the box for another year, but traditionally that is on January 6th, Old Christmas Day. […]