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The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #4

…..or The Boxing Day Blues. I am still not sure what happened. Maybe it was the glaring “3D Effect” puzzle pieces or perhaps the more than generous helpings of left-overs. The chocolate maybe? I should have known things were going awry when I saw the devil in my cinnamon bun. More likely it was heat exhaustion […]

The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #2

…..or Why is There No Longer a Tabi Store? Hmmm, now what do I recall about the 90’s? My wardrobe was entirely purchased at Northern Reflections, my socks all matched my shirts and I got my waist-length hair cut short. Seems to me “cottage” décor was the thing and people were starting to get into minty […]

The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #1

…..or Tacky Christmas Sweater circa 1988 You remember the late 1980’s don’t you? Over-sized sweaters with super long sleeves or a huge t-shirt with leggings, a French braid tight  enough to give you an instant face-lift tied off with a coordinating scrunchy? It was only cool to have one strap of your over-alls over a shoulder […]