Post Halloween Debriefing

….or You Do the Math.

Well, it’s all over now but the dieting. 35 bags of Sun Chips. 30 Coffin Crisp bars. 25 kids. You do the math. How many belt notches equals one size increment? Why was I craving Count Chocula this morning? Why can’t it be  Trick or Treat or Trade as in “I will gladly give you two treats tomorrow if you give me one of yours today.” Youngest trick or treater: 11 month old pink critter of some sort. She came with a fully costumed family and carried a very cute mini pumpkin. Oldest: 16. He came as a wizard with the word damaged written on his forehead and two costumed girls and carried a pillowcase.  He did not jump out from behind the door and near give me a heart attack like he did last year. I didn’t give him extra treats for chatting.

Some post Halloween pics for your amusement.


That could have been me at the 2016 Not Since Moses race where they invited runners to come in costume. Thankfully, I left Dolly Parsons back at the campsite in a bag, leaving the over 60 princess in the pink tutu to be the solo dresser-upper.

Next Halloween I want to be adopted by Neil Patrick Harris and family. They always have the best costumes.


📽🎞Hooray for Halloween!🎞📽#Marilyn #Groucho #Chaplin #JamesDean @dbelicious

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This is the worst of the celebrity costumes I saw on the web:


How long has that costume been on the floor of your closet, Channing Tatum? Or perhaps you have been out drinking with the pumpkins:

Halifax Halloween pumpkin. Hope that's a Keith's it's drinking.

I give this Halifax pumpkin a 3 for skill but an 8 for artistic merit.

Today’s blog is dedicated to Lindsay who, yesterday, was the only hot dog in a classroom full of students dressed as students. Now where are my stretchy pants?

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