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Another Day, Another Boat 2

..…or Today’s Costume: Boatbuilder. Day one at the Wooden Boat School. The night before, at the communal dining room, we were introduced to the instructors but today we get to meet them and our classmates. There are nine Tenderly Dinghies to be assembled to the point where they are safe for transport to good homes. […]

Another Day, Another Boat 1

….or Building The Tenderly Dinghy, Episode 1 Some fellers accumulate guitars, others vintage cars, books, or salt and pepper shakers. I accumulate boats. If you were to ask me today why I think I need to build another boat, I’m not sure what my answer would be. Because I can? Because my brother got another […]

And What am I at Now?

…..or More Than I’ve Got Time to Tell It’s been a downright busy summer. We just got back from the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival; more on that in another post. Prior to that I had a real a rush on to finish three pieces for the Port Medway Lighthouse Art Show; two paintings and a […]

Bridges of the Medway

….or ♪ ♪ Sous Les Ponts ♫……….. Just a few snaps I took of the lower Medway River and its bridges while out paddling last week. Looking down-river:   Heading up-river towards Mill Village:         Next time we will explore the mouth of the Medway below the trestle bridge. © Judy Parsons […]

Paddling the Chaz

……The Chassahowitzka River that is. Yesterday we went for the first paddle of our Florida stay. Here is part of the day in pictures. Lance has a new little tub toy. We like it because we can put it right in the back of the SUV and not have to worry about lines and such. […]

The Almighty Cod

….or got’da git me quota, b’y. My recent visit to Newfoundland happened to overlap with the twice annual “food fishery”. I was keen to give it a try though I have never had a lot of luck with cod jigging. Years ago, it used to be that any time you went out for a day on the […]

My Expedition Wherry – A Review of Sorts

….or Everything’s Coming Up Rosie.   My love of wooden boats goes back to when I was a child in Newfoundland and loved to hang out in my Uncle’s trap skiff with my cousin Derek. Sometimes I would be rowed around by my siblings. Once I tried, without permission, to take her out for a row […]

To Build a Boat (kit) – Last Day

…..or Meet Rosie. On Friday past I turned the last wing-nut, named my boat and launched her. WOW. I don’t even need to blur my eyes to hide the flaws when I stand back and look at her. She’s some boat for sure. Here’s a little of how it went down: I spent the morning installing the rowing unit and getting […]

To Row a Boat

….or Soon, Girl, Soon. Well, the weather is less than perfect for working outside today so I still haven’t installed the rowing unit in the Expedition Wherry but I did unpack the oars. Instead I took some time to clean up the blue room in the barn where my boat-building has ruled since late last […]

To Build a Boat Day….I don’t Know What Day

…or One More Day to Go. Well, I can retire the respirator and the Rosie’s coveralls. Only a few more minutes of work and she is ready to launch. (or lanch as we pronounced it when I was a kid) It has been a long journey of I don’t know how many days and it […]