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Florida Paddling

In which I have a grand time paddling the Ozello area of the “Nature Coast” of Florida. © Judy Parsons 2024

Around the World in 235 Days

There are some extraordinary people on this planet and here is one of them. Kirsten Neuschäfer just won the Golden Globe Race 2022 in which she sailed her boat solo 30,000 miles around the world using only a sextant for navigation. The last competitor I got this excited about was Silken Laumann back during the […]

Ken and Sven at Riverbend

In which Ken builds a He-Shed. If there’s one thing that I have learned from Ken, if you are budgeting to build a boat you need to add way more than the cost of the boat kit. There will be new tools required, no matter how many you already have, and a space to build […]

Boat School

In which Ken takes a course. (Lance’s father actually made that last remark after Lance suggested he might buy another boat.) © Judy Parsons 2021

Bringing Home the Boat

And so the new old rowboat made it home. “Hang in there Sven” said Ken “Just a few more yards to go.” Ken breaks into song: ♪ ♪ ♪ My clothes are all in pawn, Go down you blood red roses ♪ And it’s mighty draughty around Cape Horn, Go down you blood red roses, […]

How to Beat the February Blues

……Or What’s That You’re Buying, Ken? Ken is on his way home from town when something catches his eye at the marina. Why, that’s not a boat for sale?? “She looks to be in fine shape” thinks Ken. All it takes is a little dickering over the price with Penniless Pete. “My first real boat! […]

Facing Fears

….in which I go into the not-so-deep, not-so-dark woods. Today’s costume: boater. It seemed like a marvelous idea when I chose my Keji (pronounced ked’-gee) campsite way back when I was avoiding Canadian winter. Kejimkujik is one of two National Parks in Nova Scotia and sites get booked up quickly. I picked mid-June because I […]

And the Winner is..

…or In Praise of the Small but Mighty And the winner of the news story of the week which brought a joyous tear to my eye is: SeaLeon found after being MIA for months. In second place was a story which brought me a few of those little emotional chest quakes: a young lad has […]

Another Day, Another Boat 3

In Which I Gain a Transom. No silly, I haven’t been in Brooklyn all this time. I’m a little behind that’s all. No excuses, I’d just like to take you right back to August and the Wooden Boat School where I left off. It was Tuesday morning and we all installed our transoms. A pretty […]

Another Day, Another Boat 2

..…or Today’s Costume: Boatbuilder. Day one at the Wooden Boat School. The night before, at the communal dining room, we were introduced to the instructors but today we get to meet them and our classmates. There are nine Tenderly Dinghies to be assembled to the point where they are safe for transport to good homes. […]