The Evolution of the Christmas Garment #1

…..or Tacky Christmas Sweater circa 1988

You remember the late 1980’s don’t you? Over-sized sweaters with super long sleeves or a huge t-shirt with leggings, a French braid tight  enough to give you an instant face-lift tied off with a coordinating scrunchy? It was only cool to have one strap of your over-alls over a shoulder and one strap of a back-pack engaged.

Enter tacky Christmas sweater number one:


I initially tried for the 80’s big hair too (a.k.a. radar bangs) but it was a fail so that’s a good old French braid you can’t see on the back of my head.

radar bangs fail

Another view. Now girls, you surely know that I know exactly what I look like in this get-up. I harbour no illusions of refinement or glamour.


What’s an 80’s look without the slouch socks!!

tacky sweater with slouch socks

You might notice that I didn’t label it an ugly Christmas sweater. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Today’s sweater is made of a really soft blend of ramie and cotton. The pattern is partly knit in but also hand embroidered with multiple kinds of of metallic thread, pearl cotton and ramie, using satin and bullion stitches, French knots and detailed with real glass beads and a bare minimum of iridescent sequins. The thread could be real gold for all I know. The workmanship is excellent. But it is not my colour and it makes me look fat so I can uncategorically say that it is ugly. Even so, I wore it all morning until the house warmed up. By the way, Lance said the radar bangs make it look more like a Halloween photo shoot than a Christmas one.


May the farce be with you.

may the farce be with you.

Apologies to any persons who have toiled over the embroidery on this sweater or any other that may have fallen out of fashion.

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