Florida Paddling

In which I have a grand time paddling the Ozello area of the “Nature Coast” of Florida.

I call this little kayak Cheez Whiz. It used to be a deep orange but the Florida sun had other ideas.
So many contrails. It’s hard to find a bit of view where there isn’t something man-made.
This nuclear power plant is now decommisioned. I wonder if Homer Simpson had a hand in that.
I tucked into the shade of the mangroves for a break and to hydrate but stayed in the boat.
It is not a very hospitiable shoreline – a lot of shoals, sand bars and oyster beds.
There is so much to see on this coast. I didn’t get a shot of the jumping mullet or the flock of ducks but this anhinga posed for me. At least I think it’s an anhinga. Correct me if I’m wrong.
It is really easy to get lost in this area with all the tiny islands. I made sure I kept this home as a point of reference for the return home.

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  1. Jon Stone's Gravatar Jon Stone
    03/09/2024 - 12:07 pm | Permalink

    That is indeed an anhinga. They look like a cross between a cormorant and a turkey. What an amazing place to paddle!

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