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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day 2017

…..or Sláinte Play safe whether you’re Irish or not – you might end up in clink!! © Judy Parsons 2017

Happy Detoxing Day

…..or In Pillory I’m completely over the pox Constitution as strong as an ox But I’d like a wee glass As I sit on me ass So be a doll and open these stocks! Thank God the Twelve Days of _oxing are over and done with. Now before you run out and schedule a real […]

Happy Poxing Day

Well, I am spending Poxing Day hanging over a bucket in bed with the Christmas Pox. Maybe a little glass of wine will help me feel better. No, I’m sure all the celebrating had nothing to do with this pesky pox. Could you pass me the bottle please, these little ones go down pretty fast. […]

Happy Jukeboxing Day

The jukebox, God rest its soul,and its minion, the 45 rpm record, have gone the way of the rotary dial telephone and the bite-sized electric chord organ. Back in the seventies there was a jukebox in any establishment in rural Newfoundland that had a sit-down eating table. And every pool hall where you wouldn’t want […]

Happy Coxing Day

Cox is short for coxswain. The coxswain is the little person who sits in the back of the boat and yells. I don’t have any of my own pictures of coxswains although I do have first hand experience. I rowed in a coxed four racing shell for a season in 1992. Our cox was named […]

Happy Paradoxing Day

This statement is false. There, that’s enough about paradoxes. Let’s get on with the celebrating. I know it’s only eleven o’clock, but it’s just a little one. See, it’s way smaller than my Soxing Day glass and a third the size of the one I had on Xeroxing Day. So I’ll just have two cause […]

Happy Loxing Day

Lox. For years I thought lox was smoked salmon and cream cheese combined. That is because cream cheese is a favourite companion to lox. Lox is salmon cured in brine. What we had for breakfast this morning was Gravlax; which is a Scandinavian version of lox. It has an herb coating. When lox is cold […]

Happy Knoxing Day

Oh my heavens, I just realized that all these years I have been spelling gelatine without an ‘e’. Wait a minute, my spellcheck agrees with me. Anyhow, yes, it is knoxing day. It is also New Year’s Eve so I won’t be getting into all the Knox people, places and things out there. The only […]

Happy Xeroxing Day

Well, we can all put our fox masks away for another year and move on to today’s reason for celebration: Xeroxing Day. You heard it here first folks. Not Mimeographing Day or Spirit Duplicator Day (I give a Pavlovian shudder when I think about the sound or smell of those old duplicators. Anyone who has […]

Happy Foxing Day

Did you know that foxes are members of the family Canidae along with dogs? But unlike dogs, they don’t bark, they gekker. Today is the first time I have ever seen that word. Gekker. Some fox facts: the female is a vixen, the male a reynard, and the young’un a kit. They can run up […]