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What Am I Reading Now?

…or There’s Always a Lot More to a Story It’s been a little while since I finished reading “We All Expected to Die.” I read it in lieu of doing my annual Boxing Day puzzle this year and although I smoked right through it at the time, I had to let it percolate a little […]

Checking In

……or “What Are Ya At Now?” you might well ask. “Well, lots of things” I might well answer.         But best of all, I have discovered a new game. I have become a little obsessed in fact and can hardly wait for supper to be over so I can throw my tiles […]

Mixed Message

….or Road Rage of Another Kind. While I was out biking last week I saw this large message painted on the pavement on the side of the road : I believed it to be the incensed message of a cuckolded husband trying to warn his kin and kind of the treachery of ‘wemen’. He might have had […]

Dear Everybody….

What’s exciting in Milton today? Well let me see….the cats peeked at each other around a cardboard box, a chickadee successfully evaded my camera lens, and we’re waiting for take-out roast beef supper from the Milton Hall. I spent much of the day upstairs in the Captain’s Cabin with a book and a notepad. I […]

High Heeled Chiritori

or Confucius said “the purpose of speech is to convey meaning.” Wow, am I the only with who owns a high heel chiritori? Got it at the dollar store yesterday to sweep up my wood shavings. I am so lucky; it promises to make me rich tho not sure how. Are those pumpkin seeds they are […]

On Hammocks

          It is thirteen below this morning. The bay froze solid all the way across last night and the ragged jack pine at the end of the driveway is shivering with the cold. The loose eavestrough is rattling against the house like a set of chattering teeth. It is winter. If I close my eyes, […]

Today’s costume: old cardigan, cat in lap

My writing comes to a dead stop. What is that word? The one which is kind of the like opposite of what it is saying … like the word contradicts itself. It starts with O. I struggle, trying to engage that state of mind you have when falling into sleep and suddenly you can recall […]