Christmas, Day Twelve – Part 1

…or On the Last Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: a free pass to the 12th day of Christmas Beachfest.

Down at Seaside Villa:

Tamara: Judith, I just love your new dress. Did you get it just for the Beachfest?
Judith: Oh this old thing? I’ve had it forever.

Tamara: Is that Nellie May’s mousse cake? It looks divine but I hear she has weevils. I won’t eat a thing that comes out of Nellie May’s kitchen.
Sandra: We’d better tuck into these desserts if we want to get any before the kids see it.
Judith: Where are the kids anyway? The concert’s about to start.
Tamara: There’s a play over at the children’s stage. I told Brenda to bring them over by the band when it’s finished.

Brenda: He’ll shoot his eye out!

Kenneth: Welcome to the 12th Day of Christmas Festival – we’re the Cave Dwellers and we’re here to shut down Christmas with a few good tunes.

Kenneth: I’d like to dedicate this next song to the one I love….
Marvin (to self) : Let it be me. Please let it be me.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

© Judy Parsons 2019

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