Christmas, Day Twelve – Part 2

…or On the Last Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me: a free pass to the 12th Day of Christmas Barbecue and Bash.

Over at the Trailer Park:

Lannie: Check. Check one two. ♫ La La de Da ♪♪ Can I get a little more monitor there, Dave.

Lannie: And can somebody clear those durned penguins off away from the stage.
Kenny: They ain’t penguins. They’re Flamingos.
Lannie: Can somebody clear those durned flamingos away from the stage.

Shelly: Twelfth Day would be a heck of a lot more fun……

…..If you didn’ have ta line up fer everything.

Randy: Here little Sis, go buy yourself a hot dog. I’m making a killing on these kebabs.

Kola: They’re not really made from dogs are they?
Andrew: Naw, they’re made from oinker’s lips and snouts.

Hot Dog: I dunno why I’m called a hot dog little buddy, but you’d be a hot dog too if you had to spend all day in a big foam suit in the Florida sun.

Alfredo: Come on, I dare you to try one. I hear they’re very tasty.
Alphonso: No no, I’m a prosciutto man myself.

Lannie: Welcome folks, we’re The Man Land Band and we’re here to help you celebrate the twelfth day of Christmas. Take it away Garry…



Shelly: Can I have your autograph, siiiigh.

Candy: Hey, Grandma can we get a manatee to keep Kola company? Grandma?

Joodles: You ain’t woman enough to take my man!

Joodles: Well I’m ready for the last day of Christmas to be over and done. It was goin’ a’rigth til that Shelly turned up. I’m not too worried about her tho; she’s so dumb she couldn’t pour water out of a boot if the instructions was written on the heel.
Lannie: Hey girl, we forgot to drop off Garry.
Joodles: Garry? But he’s not in the back. ANYBODY BACK THERE SEEN GARRY?

Kenny: In a gadda da vida honey……

And that’s the twelve days of Christmas chronicles from down south. Happy New Year.

© Judy Parsons

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