Christmas, Day Ten

..or On the Tenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: ingenious grandchildren.

Over at the Trailer Park:

Lannie: Come on kids, it’s time go set up the gear for the Seaside Festival.

Randy: Okay but first you got to come with us. We drank so much Cola yesterday that we couldn’t sleep so we stayed up all night.
Candy: You gotta see what we made!

Candy: It’s a wind-powered merry-go-round.

Randy: Whistle up some wind dudes.

Lannie, Joodles, Garry and Kenny: Ooooh, aaaaah.

Meanwhile over at Seaside Villa:

Lawrence: Grandpa, you can’t go until you see what we made last night.
Lancelot: Last night?
Lawrence: Yeah, after you were all gone to bed. Brenda gave us so much Cola we couldn’t sleep.
Lancelot: All right but we can’t be too long. We’ve got to go set up the gear for the concert tomorrow.
Marilyn: I’ll go get Grandma.

Lawrence: It’s a wind-powered marry-go-round.
Marilyn: And, it has solar back-up.

Lancelot: Well isn’t that remarkable.
Joodles: Oh, I’m weak in the knees thinking about those two little children using power tools.
Kenneth: Steady there, Judith.
Lancelot: Well dear, they have to learn. They still have all their fingers and neither put their eyes out. And what an accomplishment.

Lawrence: Do us the honour, Marilyn.

Lancelot, Judith, Kenneth and Douglas: Oooooh. Aaaaah.

And back a the Park:

Joodles: Hey, where’s this little dog come from?
Candy: His name’s Kola and Grampa said we could keep him.
Joodles: Your mother might have somethin’ to say about that.

Stay tuned….

© Judy Parsons 2019

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