On the Tenth Day of Christmas

…My True Love Gave to Me….

Down at Florida Seaside Villa

Lancelot: Honey, I’m done chopping up all the Christmas trees.

Judith: What’s all that tweeting about, dear?

Lancelot: Those trees were full of stray birds!

Judith: Hello? Hello? Animal Control….

Mexican Bird: Hey, they give you guys any hassle at the border? We had to sneak over in a shipment of fake trees.
Chickadee: Naw, they just wave us snowbirds through.
Mexican Bird: You’re lucky. Hey, ye know the way to Key West? I hear Jimmy Buffit is lookin’ for back-up singers.
Chickadee: Not really, but you can follow us as far as Miami tomorrow, we’re heading over to Ikea. Only place in Florida you can get lingonberries.
Mexican bird: What’s a lingonberry?

Penguin: We’re headin’ North tomorrow. Supposed to be a delicious cold snap in South Carolina.
Doggie 1: Hey dude, stick around another day. That funky angel is directing Das Rheingold in the living room tomorrow night.
Penguin: Do I smell fish?

Meanwhile, over at the Trailer Park

Lannie: That’s the last o’ the stinkin’ trees cut up.
Joodles: What’s all that tweetin’?

Lannie: They was a whole flock ‘a birds nestin’ in those trees.

Joodles: They any good ta eat? They’re pretty big an’ all.

Angel 2: Kind of sad about the snowmen. If they’d waited another day or two for the cold snap they probably would have made it.

On the Tenth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me
Ten Stray Birdies 

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