On The Ninth Day of Christmas

…My True Love Gave to Me…

Down at Florida Seaside Villa

Judith: What’s that strong fishy smell dear?

Lancelot: Well now, it just happens to be fish. These little flippers were just about to hit their best before date so I picked them up for a song.

Lancelot: You ever see a prettier bunch of fish?
Judith: Well, all I can say is they’d be a heck of a lot prettier if they were gutted, cleaned, and lying in bags in the icebox.

Meanwhile over at the Trailer Park

Joodles: Dagnabbit, this is the last straw.
Lannie: But it was lookin’ so bare after I got the trees chopped up and you put the fruit away. These fellas was just pinin’ for a home.
Joodles: This is the last straw. One more lawn decoration and I’m moving into the camper.
Orange fish: I’d like to be….
Blue fish: Under the sea……
Yellow fish: In an octopus’s garden in the shade……

On the Ninth Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me
Nine Funky Fishes.

© Judy Parsons 2017

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