The Wedding part 2 – the Food

 I have always loved a good buffet and abhorred the classic wedding cold plate so we asked our gifts to bring food to share instead of wedding gifts.  Because we were going to be so far out of town I assumed that everyone would trickle in and pick away at the food. I learned three things about my friends that day; they are punctual, they know how to cook and bake or choose great food, and they don’t pick, they dine.


In keeping with the theme, I cut out three dozen forget-me not cookies of lemon shortbread.

They baked up nicely.

My sister Mary helped me paint them. They looked cute as a forget-me-not. Unfortunately, I used fresh lemon in the yellow filling and it somehow reacted with the colouring to give a strong chemical taste so they became forget-me-not cookies with a flavour you would not forget no matter how hard you tried!

Oh well, they brightened up the dessert table.

Then there were the cupcakes. I enlisted Mary for those as well.

There were tops licorice hats for the chocolate ones…

…and little veils for the spice ones.

I decorated my mother’s fruitcake

With a home-made replica of my favourite wedding photo (with some artistic license).


There was a mighty fine spread:




The desserts were divine. I wish I had gotten a better close-up of Kim’s cake.




The dessert which got the highest praise for tastiness was Ruthie’s partridgeberry tarts.(Couldn’t get near the plate to get a picture til it was all over and done)

So thanks folks for your efforts; you all helped make it a wonderful meal.

Today’s Blog entry was brought to you by the letter F.

F is for food, and frosting and fat.

Click on any photo to get a larger view.


(c) Judy Parsons 2012





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