October in Milton

  T’was a lovely fall day in Milton.

Warm enough to go without a jacket, enough sun to cheer and no pressing deadlines. We watched eagles in the crag across the river before breakfast and then took a drive to Petite Riviere, Crescent Beach and up along the Medway River. I discovered the Maritime Painted Saltbox Gallery and bought an old Singer sewing machine in an antique store. Here’s some of the day in pictures:

A little fuzzy because it's hard to focus with the zoom or because they are recovering from a rough saturday night?


Petite Riviere


Crescent Beach south side


Crescent Beach north side


Mill Village


Along the Medway River


In the end we found no foliage to rival that which was right across the Mersey River from our house:

Looking up the Mersey from home.


Autumn on the Mersey River.

(c) Judy Parsons 2012

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