The Wedding part 1 – the Furnishings

  It has been almost two months since we had our party to celebrate our marriage. It’s high time I finished posting about the event. Here is the first in a series of seven.


It all started as a pile of clutter. It looked a little overwhelming at first. Here is the desk at the entryway before it was set up.

The favours were packets of Vesey’s forget-me-not seeds printed with the last line of the sonnet I recited at the ceremony; “for thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings, that then I scorn to change my state with kings”. Forget-me-nots were the unofficial theme of the wedding. I attached my Blog info so that people could look up the wedding pictures from June 22 and see the party pics after they got home. The wedding pictures also ran continuously on a laptop on top of the piano in the buffet room.

The apricots I chose because they nicely matched my dress but like everything from Costco, once I got them outside the store they were twice a big as any normal apricot. these looked like giant plums:

…and here’s the complete set up with Lance’s mother’s hand-made quilt hiding the utility closet door in the background.

The room was  a veritable empty slate. That is a slate with a view.

Jim and Owen carried tables. We all carried chairs. Jim and Nancy hung pennants. Nancy and Carrie set the tables. Thank heavens for good friends.





All we needed was a crowd of family and friends to celebrate.

    Today’s Blog has been brought to you by the letter F.

F is for furnishings, and forget-me-nots and for fancy.

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(c) Judy Parsons 2012.




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