….or Time to Fatten Up For Winter.

img_8908Fall sneaks up on us in a subtle way. It is not just the colour changes that gives it away. One day you notice that you are wearing long sleeves, you drive with the car windows all closed, and you think you overslept because it is dark when you wake up. We are well into it now; when the wind blows you can hear a dry rustling in the leaves and you know someone is approaching the barn by the sound of their footsteps on the crispy fallen leaves. The air feels clean and clear and has a refreshing nip in the morning. The eagles are getting a little more aggressive and the ducks nervous. Birds come and go in flocks.



The Mersey River.



Most of all fall is the beginning of comfort food season. From Thanksgviing to Christmas we ramp up our appetites and triple the sweets that we eat. I have already been down to Frenchy’s to buy two pairs of stretchy pants to get me by and I haven’t even started in on sneaking Halloween treats yet. Sigh. Why ever did I make three desserts for Thanksgiving and enough that there would be left-overs for all? There must be a phobia name for the fear of not having enough to go around. Besides the cake pops there were

Apple butter cupcakes.

Apple butter cupcakes……


...and pumpkin pie.

…and pumpkin pie.

One must sample them all.

One must sample them all.

In the stores last week the Halloween decorations were overtaking the Thanksgiving decorations and in the Supermarket they had already started putting out the Christmas stuff. Gets a bit overwhelming. Speaking of Halloween; a black cat always makes a perfect window decoration. Here Baxter awaits his chance to catch a falling leaf despite the glass.


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