What’s New in Milton

……and Things I have Come to Take for Granted.

Spring has come and gone and we are settled into our summer home in Milton. There are always a few new things to marvel at around the neighbourhood, like this new concrete sculpture at Cosby’s Garden CentreDSC_1689

and a brand new bridge across the Mersey (more on that later) Here it is next to the old bridge.


I always look forward to my first feed of lobster.


and the first sighting of the eagle.


There have been several hatchings of ducklings. This one was the largest but its numbers have dwindled. (See eagle above)

IMG_8277 - Copy

There was also an interesting new hybrid who hung about for a while.

IMG_8278 - Copy

Our garden feature has taken on a dangerous list and we decided to pull it down but then saw there was a robin’s nest.


The robin abandoned it however. She is on her third nest now, deep in the rhododendron bush. I would take a picture but I would hate to disturb her and have her have to build a fourth nest. So here is a picture of her instead.


This fungus appeared on an old stump just after Mohammed Ali died. At first it was shaped exactly like a boxing glove. Now it is more like a fungus.


The one thing I didn’t expect to return to was snow. Not in the garden though. Gail was kind enough to build me a snowman sometime over the winter and she stored in in my freezer for safe-keeping. It withered a little but it’s the gesture that counts.

IMG_8288 - Copy

There is lots going on right now. Camping, rowing, writing, drawing, cooking, renovating and reading. Retirement rocks. Doesn’t leave much time for the Blog but I will stop making excuses and try and keep up.

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