A Late Summer Adventure Part 4

…or A Day of Newfoundland Cabin Life in Pictures

The sun came up in a blaze of glory, slowly burning off the mist and the landscape came into view like a slowly developing polaroid. It was going to be another spectacular day, I could tell.

If a red sky in the morning means sailors take warning, what does a golden sky mean?

The mist slowly burned off…

…and my day began.

All good days start with strong hot coffee, the making of which my canine friend Molly supervised.

The barista….

….and her supervisor.

Molly wasn’t my only campground friend. There were so many caterpillars this year that it was either get used to them or pack up and leave. They were everywhere.

Fuzzy friends in the dining tent.

And my favourite kind of cabin companions were present: children.

My two grandnieces were visiting and they brought out the child in me. We spent the better part of the day naming their new Dollarama fashion dolls (you thought Barbies were skinny, these bargain-babes defined the word).

Meet the dollar store babes: Windy Wendy, Bedhead Belinda, Betsy Wetsy, and the twins, Bizzy and Lizzy (whose nicknames were Slip and Slide).

Later I managed to fit in a paddle. It was one of those rare days where the wind didn’t breeze up in the afternoon.

Supper was so good it didn’t sit on the plate long enough to be photographed. My sister is the queen of cabin cooking. The evenings had started to close in early and slowly the sun retreated as we wound down the evening with a campfire before I retreated to my cozy camp.

All tucked in.

It was early to bed to rest up for a day on the water. I’ll be back next week with that tale.

© Judy Parsons 2023
Thanks Mary for the photos of me at my tent and paddling.

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