A Late Summer Adventure Part 3

or Into the Not So Wilds of Notre Dame Bay

Still on the island of Newfoundland, the next leg of my adventure found me camping in a real tent in a small cove along the shore in Notre Dame Bay. As you can see, I don’t travel light.

I do not travel light.
This may look like a lot of stuff but it is actually scaled down a lot from my normal park camping gear.

I’ve gotten pretty good at putting up a tent by myself. The secret is to lay everything out then go inside and tie the top of a properly adjusted tension pole to the peak. (I keep onein the car.) This keeps the tent in position while you run around and set the poles in place. It is a little trickier in the wind but, knock on wood, it hasn’t failed me yet. The forecast was for dry weather so I didn’t bother with my usual tarp arrangement. I was tucked away in the trees on a bed of thick moss. It was a tidge downhill but so comfortable that when I next slept on level ground I caught myself wishing for a padding of moss and I had to arrange my pillows so that my bed felt like it was on the same slope.

cozy camp
Tent’s up. Are you surprised that it isn’t yellow?

It might look like I am off in some remote wilderness location but in actual fact, I am only thirty meters or so from my sister’s off-grid cabin. It is accessible by boat or by a twenty minute drive down a dirt road which is in vaious states of repair; some parts of the year being completely impassable. I was reluctant to take the bananamobile down over it but, knock on wood, there was no harm done.

I wasn't alone.
It is always comforting to know the neighbours.

The view from my temporary home was hard to beat. If I wasn’t so lazy I’d insert an audio clip of screeching gulls so that you could have the full effect

Looking out towards the opposite shore of the bay from the cabin patio.

Looking across the cove. (zoomed in)

Imagine a screechy sound here.
Did you know that there real is no bird with the species name ‘seagull’? I believe that this one is a herring gull.

I had a variety of goals for this part of my adventure. I would do a little kayaking, some visiting with family, and some fishing. That’s at least three more blog posts!!

One happy camper. (photo by Mary S.)

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