Thrifty Christmas

… or Goods at the Goodwill

Good gracious, it’s Christmas and I am in a different country without all of the Christmas crap I’ve collected over the years. So it was off to the goodwill store to see what took my fancy. Here are some of the things I didn’t buy:

It’s a ….what is it?

No really, what is it? It is over a foot tall and wears mittens and snowshoes so it is likely a Northern creature, but not one I have ever come across. Perhaps the real ones are all trapped out. It might go real nice with this tree:

Glam tree.

At least I think it was a tree. It was with the fake trees and it had a Santa tree-topper. Tempting? Nope.

How exciting!

I was disappointed to discover that this was not a book of suggested places to have Christmas sex, i.e. under the mistletoe or under the tree or wearing just the kid’s Christmas stockings. Might be a niche market there for someone with a little imagination.

Joyeux Noel, little buddies, Joyeux Noel.

I tried to get this at a discount because it was spelled wrong. They wouldn’t budge. And you should see the other stuff I didn’t buy. I did find some perfectly good little wooden decorations

and a two and a half foot synthetic tree. That’s a whole foot and a half higher than last year’s synthetic tree. I’m coming up in the world folks. It came with the lights already on it, four owls, and a hedgehog too and all for only $6.99. So I splurged on a two dollar tree topper. Let the decorating begin.

Whoo whoo hoo’s having a Thrifty Christmas?

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