The Great Migration

…Spread Your Tiny Wings and Fly, Little Snowbirds.

On the Road to Canada

Judith: I told you we should have stopped for directions, dear. Now we’re totally lost.
Lancelot: Well I marked the map to Lunenburg.
Judith: Dear, that’s Lunenburg Massachusetts, you’ve got marked there, not Lunenburg Nova Scotia.

Judith: Well, we might as well take a break and enjoy the scenery. I’ll get some knitting done. We’ll need some warm sweaters for the foggy nights where we’re going.
Lancelot: We’re no more than 35 miles off course but I didn’t see a gas station anywhere. We might not have enough fuel to get back to I95. We burn a lot more towing the camper.
Judith: Do you hear a car?

Lancelot: Hello!! Hey!! Can you help a fellow out….
Judith: They look a little frazzled……

Earlier, another pair of snowbirds:


Lannie: This don’t look like no Canada.
Joodles: North, ya nimrod, Canada is North.
Lannie: Must’a had the map upside down.

Meanwhile, two days later.

Lannie: Look at that couple wavin’ their hearts out. I don’t know where the heck we are but they is mighty friendly up here. Dig out the map will ya.

Lannie: The sign said Lunenburg but I can’t even find no highways on here.
Joodles: I told you we should’a got sumpin better than a restaurant placemat map.
Lannie: Well, We gotta be on here somewheres.
Joodles: If we just drive opposite to the sun it’ll be East and we’ll hit the ocean eventually. We can start North again from there. But first I gotta pee.

Joodles: Can ya see me from the road?
Lannie: Most of ya, but ain’t nobody up here ta see anything Anyhow.
Joodles: Well hold up that blanket for me will ya.

Joodles: We might as well settle in and have some supper.
Lannie: Might as well. We shoulda picked up that roadkill rabbit back the other side of Waltham.

Joodles: There’s nuthin’ quite like a cup of tea in the woods.
Lannie: Nuthin’ cept a six-pack. How ya like yer hot dog, raw, almost cooked, cooked all the way through, or burned black?

© Judy Parsons 2018

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