The Great Migration 2

Lancelot and Judith finally reach Nova Scotia. 

Judith: It’s so cold.
Lancelot: That’s the polar vortex dear. It should warm up soon.
Judith: I sure hope so or I’m going to find somewhere with a tropical vortex.

Judith: Does shivering count as exercise? Are you sure this isn’t Iceland?
Lancelot: Well, this map is about as useless as a screen door on a submarine but I’m pretty sure we are in Nova Scotia.
Judith: Well, we might as well settle in. We might have to keep the refrigerator door open to warm up the camper though.

Meanwhile, not too far along the same shoreline: 

Joodles: Whatever happened to global warming?
Lannie: Must be all the ice cubes breaking off o’ the polar ice caps.
Joodles: Well tis so cold as a well digger’s ass here tonite. You sure we didn’t overshoot the place?

Lannie: This map might be as useless as a back pocket on a T-shirt but I’m pretty sure we have arrived.
Joodles: Well fire up the generator; I’m missin’ American Idol.
Lannie: Right after I unhook. I wanna head back to that Horton’s place – they must have pretty good barbecue with all those pick-ups in the parking lot.

© Judy Parsons 2018

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