Easter down South 1

…..or Company’s A’Comin’

Down at Florida’s Seaside Villa:

Judith: Honey, can you come give me a hand to put the leaf in the table. Tamara called and said they’re bringing the kids over for Easter.
Lancelot: In a second dear, gotta check on the chickens.

Lancelot: Oh my little pretties, save your appetites. Have I got a treat for you.

Henny: What’s Mr. Fancy-Pants doin’ up on the roof of the coop?
Penny: Fixin’ up our special Easter cocktail – champagne laced with steroids and food colouring.

Lancelot: Heh, heh, this’ll get those little pullets a peckin’.


Meanwhile, over at the Trailer Park

Joodles: Git yer car parts out’a the spare room. Sammy’s on the phone; they’s bringin’ the youngsters up from Tampa fer Easter.
Lannie: Better go get the chickens goin’. Or will Missus Fancy-Pants eat eggs that didn’t come in a carton?

Joodles: What are ya at? They’ll soon be here and the spare bed is covered with bumpers and alternators.
Lannie: Just gotta plumb in this Easter fountain. Traded the passenger door of a 1969 Mustang Mach 1 for it.
Joodles: You had one job to do…………

Candy: Wow. It’s just trees and mailboxes and more trees.

Randy: And snakes and hogs and turtles and possums. But mostly snakes.

Tammy: Now no talkin’ about politics or religion or relatives or work.
Sammy: That jes leaves gators, guns and NASCAR.
Tammy: No talkin’ about guns.

Stay tuned for more Easter adventures.

© Judy Parsons 2018

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