Happy Loxing Day

Lox. For years I thought lox was smoked salmon and cream cheese combined. That is because cream cheese is a favourite companion to lox. Lox is salmon cured in brine.


What we had for breakfast this morning was Gravlax; which is a Scandinavian version of lox. It has an herb coating. When lox is cold smoked it is Nova Lox, which is what we are more likely to have back home in Nova Scotia. I like it either way. Lance ate his body weight in smoked salmon on the cruise.

Classic lox presentation: smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel.

I like mine best on eggs Benedict, which is what I made this morning to celebrate Loxing Day (and the New Year).

New Year’s Breakfast.

Later I celebrated with a beverage.


The glass looks big but it is really really shallow and I can only put three tablespoons of martini in before I risk serious spillage. (I use olives for ballast).

See, it only holds a third of what my Foxing Day glass held and therefore a fraction of the volume of my Boxing Day glass. But I’ll have just two today.


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