Happy Knoxing Day

Oh my heavens, I just realized that all these years I have been spelling gelatine without an ‘e’. Wait a minute, my spellcheck agrees with me. Anyhow, yes, it is knoxing day. It is also New Year’s Eve so I won’t be getting into all the Knox people, places and things out there. The only one worthy of my attention today is the gelatin. Oops. Gelatine. Almost couldn’t find it; they changed the box:

Gelatine with chocolate – cookin’ with gas today!!

But first a very few facts. Yes, it is an animal product; vegetarians and vegans beware. They used to be more up front about this fact. People used to be a lot less finicky about what they ate it seems.

They have been publishing recipes for years. This early cookbook looks just a tad inappropriate.

My apologies for even posting that but it serves to show how far we have come. Those were scary times. Actually, the widow Knox, wife of Charles Knox, the fellow who started the Knox empire, was one of the earliest successful American Business Women. Walking on whose backs, I wonder.

Anyhow, let’s get to the yummy part. I have been wanting to try and reproduce a chocolate dessert we had on a cruise. (Yes, I was on a cruise; should make another Blog story – From NASA to Nassau) It was on the dessert buffet with every lunch and I always took a few back to my stateroom in case of afternoon food emergencies. It was a square of chocolate mousse on a brownie base. Knoxing day seemed a good day to experiment with the mousse part. I decided to go with strictly mousse because if it turned out not being solid enough to slice the whole dessert would be a flop. To further reduce possible wastage I cut the recipe in half. Can’t really go wrong; custard from scratch, heavy cream and Ghiriadelli Chocolate.

Chocolate mousse for two.

Wish I had made the whole recipe!! Bring on the brownie base; it could definitely stand on its own. That’s a Harry & David chocolate coated cheery on top, gilding the lily. The successful experiment, and the fact of it being Knoxing Day, called for celebration.

Speaking of cheery. Whaaat?

This glass is only a third of the size of my Mailboxing Day glass and I’m only having two.

Smaller glass means more servings.

By the way, I do believe that I am channeling the great Dr. Seuss; he had a character called the Knox in his book Fox in Sox. I loves a man who knows how to rhyme!!

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