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…..Pop Goes the Blogger.

img_8880Baking is a little like childbirth. The minute it is over your brain forgets the whole misery of the event and you are left with the sweetness. Let me explain. Seemed like a great idea for a Thanksgving treat for dinner tomorrow. Cake pops. There will be pumpkin pie of course but that is so dull. Brown. Plain brown. There needs to be cake pops. Last time I made them they were the cutest thing ever. How in the world did I manage to forget exactly how many hours it took from start to finish? Or about how much mess it made? It started out okay.

It started out okay.

Little naked chocolate harvest pumpkin pops.

But it quickly deteriorated.

Dysfunctional orange cake poop. (Freudian slip)

Dysfunctional orange cake poop. (Freudian slip)

I researched beforehand and I did everything that I was supposed to. What the heck? The sticks came out. The pops fell apart. The coating wouldn’t slide over the surface properly. I HATE YOU PINTEREST! What should have taken a couple of hours stretched into four. Dipping was out altogether. I had to paint each pop individually. Each little appendage. The coating resisted spreading. More like dabbing than painting. Oh please, pity me. By the time I was done I had candy coating on my glasses, my phone and a large portion in my belly. The sticks were in the pop tops instead of the bottoms. But, true Parsons that I am, I persevered. There will be cake pops for Thanksgiving.


Sugar on a stick.

The turkeys looked deranged. The cornucopia were globby but as least they were recognizable as cornucopia. The little roast turkeys were sad indeed and the pumpkins, well, they look like they were sculpted by kindergarten kids. I delivered the worst of the rejects to friends. The others will grace the Thanksgiving table, where you will NOT find turkey. (See Blog entry Beach Ball from Hell) We will be having ribs. Here they are ready for the smoker. They will be brown when they are done. Plain brown.


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