Monthly Archives: April, 2018

The Great Migration

…Spread Your Tiny Wings and Fly, Little Snowbirds. On the Road to Canada Judith: I told you we should have stopped for directions, dear. Now we’re totally lost. Lancelot: Well I marked the map to Lunenburg. Judith: Dear, that’s Lunenburg Massachusetts, you’ve got marked there, not Lunenburg Nova Scotia. Judith: Well, we might as well […]

What Am I At Now?

….or Still Making Stuff. I’m trying to get a few things finished before the grand migration. First up is a basswood relief carving which will adorn the back of my kitchen sideboard. (I think the sideboard originally had a mirror but was replaced with a piece of plywood with a gold swan decal.) The inspiration […]

Easter Down South 3

…..or Happy Easter Down at Florida Seaside Villa Randolf: This is the best Easter ever. Want to trade this big blue egg for ten of your little ones? Kendra: Hmmm, maybe you shouldn’t have eaten all yours before breakfast. Randolf: Aw come on. Fifteen then? Kendra: No less than twenty. Randolf: Deal. Kendra: Golly, I […]