What are you at now?

….. or I’ve just been hooking.

As far as I know there are three kinds of hookers. There’s the high falutin’ kind who work alone in their tasteful high end condos. They tend to be perfectionists. Then there’s the bordello types who work as a group; this crowd is a real mix of talent. Then there’s the scraggly ones who work alone and don’t follow the rules. I’d put myself in the third class. What? RUG hookers, I’m talking about, rug hookers! (Though I’d probably make a lot more money if I was the other kind of hooker.)

The number one hookers hook perfectly uniform strips of wool fabric and 100% wool yarn on a linen base. The ones who gather in a group use a mixed bag of materials. The third type uses whatever they can get their hands on. I for instance use old t-shirts cut free-hand into strips and hook on a base of burlap. I call them my “Re-shirt Rugs”. Here are a couple of examples of last year’s work:

“Lobster’s Last Ride” (not entirely original)
Trouble Brewing” A Re-shirt Rug orginal.

A shopping trip last week made me wonder why I even bother to try and sell hand-hooked mats. This 29″ x 18″ rug was for sale at a local store for just $14.98. The label said it was hand-hooked.

Store bought, hand hooked.

I stewed over the rug for a bit and decided, what the heck, I would support child labour and the slaughter of endangered polyesters and buy the thing for my 2nd Thanksgiving decor.

I just can’t compete with that price!

Just before I left to come south I bought a thrift store half-moon stool to go in my spare room (I call it the Labrador room because of the decor) but didn’t like the gold striped fabric (reminded me of Mar-a-Lago) so I hooked a cover for it. It’s not finished yet; still have to do some embroidery on the berries and fasten the whole rug to the stool.

And this is my latest, done for a Christmas Lego set-up. A bid of a detour from my usual work. It is teeny tiny and too cute.

I’m thinking my next one might have a mermaid theme. Perhaps I’ll pose her in the back of a pick-up holding a pumpkin.

© Judy Parsons 2019

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  1. Dianne's Gravatar Dianne
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    Beautiful, I am knitting Christmas stockings

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