Destination Lockeport

Lockeport, Nova Scotia, that is. It’s on the south shore between Liverpool and Yarmouth, about twenty minutes off the highway. You’ll know you are there when you see


Don’t be fooled by the unpretentious exterior, you can buy anything in this general store from a lottery ticket to an egg sandwich, from a lag screw to a new hunting cap. Give yourself a few minutes to poke around and don’t forget to check out the upright freezer if you like scallops, undipped and flash frozen at sea, or frozen haddock and maybe some frozen fries to cook for a side. My favourite item for sale in the store was a rustic sign that read THIEVES, PLEASE CARRY ID SO WE CAN NOTIFY NEXT OF KIN. I didn’t buy one, that’s not who I am, but appreciated the chance to smile.

My destination in Lockeport was

where I drooled over the wool and emptied my wallet.

Becky used to sell strictly sock yarn but has branched out a little. She can also cut your hair as the shop doubles as a salon but only two days a week and you might have to book two years in advance because since COVID she has scaled down. You will know all of this once you’ve been there because Becky likes to chat so give yourself some extra minutes for this part of your Lockeport excursion.

Surf’s up. Way up.

The best thing about Lockeport is that the beach is right in town. I had planned on a nice stroll on the sand but the tide was high, as was the surf, so there was no beach! It was a dull grey day and not so photogenic (my photos rarely do justice to good surf) so you’ll have to imagine these waves pounding the shore afore a bright blue sky.

Now you may think that this herring gull is posing just for me but I know better. He/she is actually waiting patiently to see what edible delicacies the surf might throw up. A gull is not very particular about what it eats. It probably ate the mussel out of this little bouquet I found on the rock:

Why, that little clump has animal, vegetable and mineral represented! I brought it home with me but I have to say, it looks pretty terrible in a vase.

You should go once you’re allowed. And there’s more to the town than just the beach. Here’s a pic taken on a stroll of old Lockeport from summer past.


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  1. Ruth Winsor's Gravatar Ruth Winsor
    February 5, 2021 - 12:34 pm | Permalink

    Becky’s shop is a lot of fun and I hope to get there again next summer. Yesterday I went to Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay with a gift certificate from Xmas before last. It’s got a great selection of beautiful yarns. I was trying to be cautious as I am fully stocked for many future projects.

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