…..or This is Not a Blog About Camping

I’m camping at Keji where the internet is unreliable so I will keep this post brief. I wanted some snacks to have with my tea. I don’t know why because I rarely drink tea, even when I am camping. I chose to make raisin buns, the traditional kind my mother used to make. And now I know why they were so good. Sugar. Sugar and vanilla. Be aware that buns in Newfoundland are called biscuits elsewhere.

Rollin’ out the buns.


Go home, yer mudder got buns! (An expression we used back home when someone was getting on our nerves)

Really tough hard buns are referred to as ‘stunners’ and that is how my brother likes them. he wouldn’t have like this batch – they were flaky and delicate and some good with butter and strawberry-rhubarb jam. More-ish in fact, that’s why I made them small-ish; so I wouldn’t feel so bad about eating three.

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