What Are Ya At Now* 2

……or W’as Goin’ On Now? #2

To which I reply “Same ole t’ing, maid, same ole t’ing. Makin’ stuff and den eatin’ some of it. Eatin’ a lot of it, to be shore.” Like these Coconut Milk Sweet buns I made yesterday in my thrift store breadmaker using my thrift store breadmaker cookbook.  Big buns. I had to rush most of them into the freezer so I wouldn’t eat them all before I went to bed.

Also working on my drawing skills. This is a colour pencil sketch from my sketch a day journal although it was not drawn on the day I saw it, but more recently from a photo I took with my phone at a Saturday afternoon session at a Cape Cod pub on my way down here in the late fall. I call it “Margaret’s Drink.”

That’s our friend Bill playing a pocket-sized banjo. I guess they are trying to make them small enough to hide now, but do what you might, you can’t hide the sound of a banjo of any size. It would have been a lot easier to draw IF THEY WEREN’T ALL WEARING PLAID! Just sayin’.

* “What are ya at?” is a Newfoundlander’s way of asking “What are you doing?” Not to be confused with “Where’s ya to?” which means “Where are you?”

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