Another Day, Another Boat 2

..…or Today’s Costume: Boatbuilder.

Day one at the Wooden Boat School. The night before, at the communal dining room, we were introduced to the instructors but today we get to meet them and our classmates. There are nine Tenderly Dinghies to be assembled to the point where they are safe for transport to good homes. Here’s the schedule:

We didn’t stick tight to it. Our instructors put in some late nights doing some preassembly so we would have time to get it all done. Six days is not a long time to build a boat, especially when there is the drying of epoxy to consider. So it was a treat to find the CLC’s signature puzzle joints already glued up.

And the copper wire was already cut into bite sized lengths for our convenience.

So many wires and many more to come. But first a demonstration:

And then we are off to thread a gazillion wires through the panels of our own boats and then twist them to close the gaps. Carpel tunnel syndrome, anyone?

And then the bulkheads.

And by suppertime we each have something that is identifiable as a boat:


A fine start but I don’t suppose she’d float yet. Stay tuned; on day 2 we get to use glue.

This all happened back in August – I’m more than a little behind in blog posts.

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