Christmas, Day Two

…or On The Second Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me: man-cave/she-shed lights.

Down at Florida Seaside Villa things were brightening up:

Lancelot: Not bad. Not bad at all. Shouldn’t add too much to the power bill, should it Judith. Judith? Juuu-dith”

 Judith: Aaah. That man-cave was the best idea I’ve had in years.

Meanwhile, over at the trailer park:

Joodles: OMG it’s amazing how a few coloured lights can brighten up a she-shed.

Lannie: Kind’a gloomy out here after dark.

Lannie: Better. Gotta get the neighbours over to see this set-up. Needs a bit more pizazz though. 

Lannie: Ar’right folks, let’s let ‘er rip…

Crowd: AAAAAAAAHhhhhh.

© Judy Parsons 2018
Video of  Nature Park Christmas light show by Lance.
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