Avian Action on the Mersey

…or Have You Ever Seen an Eagle Swim?

The regulars.

I have. But I don’t have a picture. That’s kind of like telling about the size of the trout that got away, I know, but if I had left the window to get my camera I would have missed the action. But first some housekeeping. At the end of all my posts I give an email address for comments. That’s because if you try and use the little link box or the Comment command on the web-page you will find it does not work. I have been trying for eons to fix it to no avail. Just so’s you knows. Now, more about the raptors.

Eagles like to perch in the crag across the river from our house where they stalk ducks, eels and small pets.

An adolescent eagle is very well camouflaged and hard to spot but you can always hear it. Looks like this young one is getting in with the wrong crowd.

Anyhow, on this particular day, I heard a ruckus. The local eagles have been making a lot of fuss this fall; it seems to be more common when there is an adolescent around. (You mothers of teenagers can surely relate)  There was some mighty hysterical squawking going on  and I flew to the window to see what was a matter (now what well known Christmas poem does that line remind you of?) where I saw a huge mature eagle dive-bombing another eagle that was perched on a river rock. It struck, feathers flew, and the harrassed bird took flight but was still low and it ended up up in the river. Then I saw, for the first time in my life, an eagle swim. It was pretty impressive; like a butterfly stroke with its head out of the water. It made its way back to the rock where it was joined by its aggressor briefly before they flew off to perch on opposite sides of the river to lick their wounds.

On the rocks. A bit of a risky spot for those ducks to be, don’t you think?  (photo by Lance)


The blows have ceased but the quarrel is not over.


Taking off. (photo by Lance)


Eagle #1 retreats to the west side of the Mersey to nurse its wing.


That’s a bit of carnage stuck to its beak!


Eagle #2 retreats to the east side to dry its wings and nurse its wounds.


 (photo by Lance)


And hide its face in shame.


“No photos please” 


Now eagles look pretty contrary at the best of times but after this conflagration this pair looked downright outraged and indignant..


Looks a little roughed up there.


By morning’s end they were back on the same crag but not talking and still keeping their distance. They are the epitome of “Angry Birds.”


 “I just can’t look at you right now”


If this keeps up I am going to have to get a fancier camera and wear it all day.

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