Happy Poxing Day

No photos PLEASE!!

Well, I am spending Poxing Day hanging over a bucket in bed with the Christmas Pox.

I’ve got the Poxing Day Blues.

Maybe a little glass of wine will help me feel better. No, I’m sure all the celebrating had nothing to do with this pesky pox.

Hair of the dog.

Could you pass me the bottle please, these little ones go down pretty fast.


I’m only having a couple dozen of ’em. Why, I would need a hundred of these to make up for my Coxing Day serving and a thousand or more to fill my Mailboxing Day glass. Now leave the bottle and let me get on with my celebrating.


© Judy Parsons 2017

OMG I have been typing in the wrong email address for comments for how long, I don’t know! Here is the correct version: jgparsons@judypstickletrunk.com and thank you big sister Mary for noticing. All that _oxing Day celebrating has addled my brain.

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