Mixed Message

….or Road Rage of Another Kind.

While I was out biking last week I saw this large message painted on the pavement on the side of the road :

DSC_1584I believed it to be the incensed message of a cuckolded husband trying to warn his kin and kind of the treachery of ‘wemen’. He might have had more credibility if he could spell, I thought. I showed it to Lance. He laughed, then read it from another angle: “We Men can’t be Trusted.” Well, that completely turns the tables, doesn’t it? I then realized it could also be read another way; as a nod and a wink from a philandering man. Then I pictured some big Amazon of a woman holding a cast iron frying pan over the head of a cowed and contrite hung-over man as he dipped a 2″ chip brush in a can of white paint. But that’s sexist. It could just as easily have been a man holding the frying pan over the head of another man as he painted. I’ve seen Modern Family. Was it started with a toilet brush and finished with a swab on a stick? Was it  spray painted and the writer became more conscious of conserving paint as he/she moved along? Why does the word ‘trusted’ look like it was written with another tool? It is painted on flat pavement so why does it look like there are drips running off of the W? I am so confused. I wish I had a course in hand-writing analysis – those are pretty  nice ‘e’s for a person who can’t spell.

What do you think?

© Judy Parsons 2016

Today’s post is brought to you by the word “cuckold” which has its roots in the French word for cuckoo, a bird which lays its eggs in other bird’s nests.

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