September Tickle Trunk Questionnaire

…or How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Little Peter before I ever met him.

Little Peter before I ever met him.

I could tell you all kinds of stuff about my big brother, Peter – how he can figure out a way to do anything, how he loves bright colours, especially orange, how he is a natural sailor, how his life is filled with kismet – but all I will say is that it is probably a good thing there was only one boy in the family because he’s be a darned difficult act to follow. Read on and get to know him for yourself.

Sir yourself down, Mrs. Warr, and answer me this....

Sir yourself down, Pete, and answer me this….

What is your first memory? I have two: I am standing in my crib looking at the corner of the crib, calling it a “lux” and in the other one I am lying down in my crib wondering what that miserable cursèd thing is in the basket up on the highboy.


(That miserable cursèd thing was me, his new little sister. This picture is not me – just some random generic baby)

Peter around the time when I was born.

Peter around the time when I was born.


What is your favourite flavour? Nugrape but I also really like partridgeberry with sour cream on it.

grape soda



If you could have pursued another profession other than the one you are in, what would it be? Psychiatrist.


Which talent would you most like to have? Singer

singer(To which Pete would have responded “Not that kind of singer ya nimrod”. I will blog someday about mine and Peter’s sailing trip to Nimrod.)

On our way home from Nimrod aboard the Puffin.

On our way home from Nimrod aboard the Puffin.

What quality do you most admire in a man? A woman? Achild? Intelligent, perceptive and creative for all.

Who was your favourite Sesame Street character? Grover.


Who is your favourite writer? Anton Chekhov or Somerset Maugham.

Anton Chekhov

Anton Chekhov


Somerset Maugham

Somerset Maugham

What movie have you watched the most times? Can’t really say. I remember one from when I was small where a bunch of people went to Mars and there was all those beautiful colours.

What would be your ideal Sunday afternoon relaxation? Doing the newspaper crossword.

sorry, don't have the answers.

sorry, don’t have the answers.

What is your favourite word? Guigliomone. Goo-lig-e-a-mo-nee. I made it up, it is a word I had with Christina (his daughter)that would define who you are.

If you had to choose a pen name what would it be? Me own name. I don’t believe in changing my name so people wouldn’t know it was me.

If you had to choose a porn name what would it be? Peter Pecker. (I made the mistake of googling that for an image!!)

What would you do on an ideal date? Out in boat to a beach for a fire and some beachcombing. It wouldn’t be Tim Horton’s or a movie, I guarantee you that.

Peter at Beachside, NL.

Peter at Beachside, NL.

What famous piece of art would you most like to own? Flaming June. Royal George (a painting of the stem of a square rigger) or a painting of a girl in a window with a tear running out of one eye that Job Parsons bought in Europe.  (I googled that to see if I could find it – Google images presented me with a picture of a guy holding his nose and making green goo run out of his eye, a girl vomiting paint onto a canvas, several paintings by Gauguin, and the painting Erasmus of Rotterdam by Hans Holbein.)

Royal George There were many renditions of the Royal George. I’m linking to my favourite to avoid copyright infringement.

Flaming June

Flaming June by Frederic Leighton

What do you consider the greatest invention of your lifetime? Jeesh, wish you’d asked about before my lifetime cause there too many back then. The outboard motor I s’pose. Or the gasoline engine which gave us the automobile, light and power, a motor for fishing and safaris  and for trips to the moon. The motor led to industrialization. Think about it, way better than a dog in a wheel.

Where do you feel most at home? At home.




The entrance to Petes deck.

The entrance to Pete’s deck.

If you could invent something, what would it be? I don’t need anything else. You have to be careful what you invent. Like the fish finder. It worked so well it cleaned out all the fish! A magic carpet would be good if the weather was nice. I would want 2 gear-sticks on it. Better than that, one I could work with my mind. It would need to be invincible in case of stray bullets. And have a lazy boy with a bubble over it.

If you could ask the queen one question, what would it be? How ya gettin’ on?

What song defines your life? I’m a Cat in an Orange Hat and I’ve Been all Over the World. (He wrote it himself)

I'm a cat in an orange hat....

I’m a cat in an orange hat….

What is your mother’s best trait? Consistency. Your father’s? You’d never starve where father was to. Not one word of a lie. If he decided he was going to do something, he did it. You never had any fear with father around.

Pete with Mom and Dad.

Pete with Mom and Dad.

© Judy Parsons 2015

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