Happy Easter

Happy Easter from St. John’s, Newfoundland. June’s (my sister, not the month – the time may half an hour ahead but the months come on the same schedule) daffodils were not grown outside and, as you can see from my pictures, the city is still wearing its winter drear. On some corners the colourful paint helped to cheer. St. John’s is my old stomping grounds and I was glad to get out for a good walk, even if it was all uphill-downhill.

Looking through the narrows from the top of Garrison Hill

The Kirk from above.

The Kirk from below.












Gulliver Cabs

Most of the signs of spring were to be found in the Easter themed decorations indoors:

I started off by knitting little egg cosies with hairbands, toques and princess crowns but began to find them tedious so made up my own patterns. Besides, Vikings are as close to the real meaning of Easter as are bunnies, eggs and hollow chocolate Dora the Explorer confections!


Easter Vikings

Heather, my niece, surprised us with an Easter cake and cupcakes so we were not without our bunnies and chicks.

















Easter is out of the way so now I can start thinking about scraping the boat, varnishing the oars, and repairing my mooring – I need to work off some of those Easter calories.

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    I love the little knitted viking Easter eggs so much I’m going to keep them out all year round. Whenever I see Jean Greenhowe’s designs it always makes me want to take up knitting. If I was more confident about my long-unused knitting skills, I’d try my hand at making some of those Jolly Octopuses on her free pattern page. Maybe I could knit a whole bunch of Jolly Christmas Octopuses with Santa hats and/or elf hats and sew a festive bell on the end of each tentacle.


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