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Art Deco East.

….East Meets West Art Deco Style. On our drive South I had one full day in the DC area so there was little time to visit the large galleries. Browsing online, I found a smaller exhibit that caught my eye: Deco Japan. It was at Hillwood mansion, which also looked interesting, so we drove out […]

A Little Laugh

This little sketch, which I happened opon today in my post Halloween sugar intoxicated state, epitomizes the area of Newfoundland in which I grew up. See for yourself. Teehee

Questions of the Day

……or Whaaat? Question number one: How many faces can you find in your touton? You have probably heard of the incident of someone finding Jay Leno’s face on their potato? Or that of Mother Theresa smiling from the side of a cinnamon bun? Then there was Whoopie Goldberg’s face on a slice of onion. Well, I wish this […]

RDF on the Rock

…..or Rain, Drizzle and Fog on the Island of Newfoundland. RDF is classic St. John’s, Newfoundland weather. The fog is frequent, being in the area where the cold Labrador Current meets the warm Gulf Stream, and sometimes you just have to climb the hill away from the harbour to get away from it. But not […]

Not Since Moses 2016

…… or Today’s Costume: Runner. It’s that time of year again: the time when the tides are so extraordinarily low that you can run a race on the ocean floor without getting, like Pharaoh’s army, drownded. It’s called Not Since Moses. It is a kind of insanity really; not a race for anyone who is overly concerned […]

Keji Adventure Part 2

……. in which I continue to devour buns. Last evening after I posted I went back to have main meal number 2: When it got dark I built the obligatory campfire.   and went to bed. I dreamed about a long straggly line of people walking in a bright green field. They were all on their […]

Keji Adventure Part 1

……in which I go “Glamping” I have taken our pop-up trailer, “Pal” (the brand is Palomino), to Kejimkujik National Park for a few days of R&R. Three days of recreation required two days of preparation but, like I always say, nothing is too much trouble if there is fun to be had. I did a […]

Old Friends

…and a Couple of New Ones. I am back in Milton and on the way I had the opportunity to stop in at the National Gallery of Art in DC. There are several pieces I visit every time I go:       And I found myself some new favourites:   I loved the shadows cast by […]

Birds of the Chaz

…..or Birds of Many Feathers. As promised here is a selection of birds we saw on our recent paddling excursion on the Chassahowitzka River on the Florida Gulf Coast. These are the bigger guys; there were thousands of songbirds in the neighbourhood but they were well camouflaged, very busy flitting about, and not as visible while […]

Paddling the Chaz

……The Chassahowitzka River that is. Yesterday we went for the first paddle of our Florida stay. Here is part of the day in pictures. Lance has a new little tub toy. We like it because we can put it right in the back of the SUV and not have to worry about lines and such. […]